GDPR bad news =/

Hi! You probably haven't heard from me in a while. I'm Christian - I made a service you signed up for called that makes it easy to receive files.

I've got some sad news for you if you're a DBinbox customer in the EU, or if you use DBinbox to receive files from people in the EU: you can't use DBinbox after this Friday :(

Why? GDPR is impossible for me to comply with as a small business. Small as in: DBInbox is run entirely by me and my girlfriend.

Am I totally anti-privacy and trying to be the next Zuckerberg selling all of your data? Man, absolutely not. Your privacy is super important, and it makes me physically angry when I hear about poorly-built websites leaking passwords.

Here are some great things I think every web service should be doing that GDPR enforces (from the GDPR Compliance Checklist):

Here's some things GDPR requires that I can't do:

As I see it, my only option is to require that users of DBinbox must not be in the EU.

So: today I added this clause to my terms of service:

"0. You may not use the Service if you are in the European Union."

It would be super difficult for me to prove that you're using DBinbox from the European Union (and I think if I tried to filter for my users from the EU I'd be breaking GDPR anyway?), so I just have to ask that if you are from the EU you delete your account. I'll be super sad to see you go :(

If you're still with me, I've got some exciting updates coming your way, especially if you're an accountant or a loan officer. Stay tuned :)


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